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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by Liz Babiak


Currently: June 2015

Missing daily yoga but I honestly just keep forgetting about it until I’m snug in bed for the night. Time to set a daily reminder, me thinks.

Settling into a weekday routine: Wake, breakfast, daycare, work, dinner, play, #BabyBabiak to bed, work/read/prep, TV, sleep. Repeat.

Craving spaghetti and meatballs and the time to actually make it.

Laughing at how adorable #BabyBabiak looks in his chevron rocking chair. He just loves it.

Making a list of summer activities I’d like to attempt. So far I’ve got a solo trip to Le Nordik, day trip(s) to a provincial park, and a pizza picnic. It’s the small things.

Feeling naive in thinking the biggest challenge about going back to work would be adjusting to the shift in routine (and absence of my sidekick, of course), but trying to work from home for the second half of last week because Everest was sick threw me even more.

Joining the throngs of people at the grocery store on weekends.

Trying to figure out how to document Everest’s second year in photos. Year one was a blast.

Buying all the Starbucks. Ohhh, caffeine. Oh, comfort. Oh, sweetness.

Wondering how I’ll juggle it all once the pace of life picks up in the fall, as it always does.

Pushing those thoughts aside whenever I can and trying to just be.

Catching up on a few 2014 flicks now that Everest goes to bed earlier. So far I have American Sniper, Wild, and The Imitation Game under my belt.

Accumulating way fewer steps than I anticipated with all my running around. Maybe I should set an idle alert with my UP24.

Having flashbacks of worldly travel memories. We’re coming up on 3 years since our trip to Japan and 4 years since Peru. And only six months since Costa Rica. Wondering how long we’ll have to wait for our next epic adventure (…or if we’re in the middle of it right now).

Smelling Everest’s head like a crazy person. He doesn’t smell like a baby anymore. :(

Searching for some good TV, dammit. Please send suggestions.

Anticipating the arrival of The Mountain Story on my doorstep. I loved The Girls by the same author.


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has four super-powers: cooking, creating, communicating, and obsessing. She's a traveller, storyteller, and wannabe gangsta who's almost always hungry. New mama to #BabyBabiak (aka Everest).

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