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Published on May 29th, 2015 | by Liz Babiak


Happy Birthday, Everest!

Dear Everest,

You are practically a man. And while that might seem like an exaggeration to some, I say “Pfaw!” and remind them where you started. A (big) little baby who could only scream to communicate, couldn’t get around on your own, and only drank milk. Now you’re over 25 pounds, can walk over and reach up to get something on the counter, and I’m pretty sure you’d eat a whole chicken if we let you. Yup, you’re officially all growed up.

But really, we have come so far, haven’t we? You’re not our foreign little alien anymore. We know your cries, favourites, and moods. We know that blueberries trump pears. That you’ll always make a b-line for the stairs once you’re through the baby gate. And that you still hate going to sleep by yourself (but you manage to). And that you’ll babble Mama when you’re upset.

Yep, you’re a person now. Pointing to things (cereal! milk! light switches!) and getting in to things (your kitchen cupboard! your blankets! toilet paper!) and playing with all the things (balls! puppets! water bottles!).

You get excited when you see animals. You’re no longer timid around dogs. You love, love, love (and settle right down) when we read together. And you call around for some dude named “Bob” pretty often. Bobobobobob. 

People have always commented that you’re so easy-going, and, having no baby to compare you to, I figured you were like most babies. And while we’ve made some amazing and laid-back baby friends, I can now say with bonafide confidence that you are an easy-going dude (knock on wood, because I’ve surely just jinxed it). Even though you’re busy, you’re chill about it. You’re not demanding unless you’re hangry (which, unfortunately, runs in the family).

Yup, you’re our mountain man. Thanks for kicking our family up a notch.



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has four super-powers: cooking, creating, communicating, and obsessing. She's a traveller, storyteller, and wannabe gangsta who's almost always hungry. New mama to #BabyBabiak (aka Everest).

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