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Published on May 20th, 2015 | by Liz Babiak


Currently: May 2015

Savouring the amazing daffodil and orchid blooms from my first Mother’s Day haul.

Feeling loved, cherished, and celebrated.

Pulling out bins of work clothes as I prepare to go back to work next week. I’ve really come to love my spandex + skinny jeans maternity leave uniform but am kinda excited to throw on some dresses. Heels, on the other hand, are surely going to take some getting used to again.

Cutting out letters and triangles and mountains in preparation for #BabyBabiak’s (small) first birthday party.

Searching for the perfect cake recipe and by george, I think I’ve got it.

Tearing up just a wee bit every day from sadness that our time together (as we’ve known it) is coming to an end. Fortunately plenty of new and old mama friends have reassured me that it’ll all be OK.

Stressing way less about it all than I thought I would.

Reading The Lost Girls and vividly remembering our own trip to Peru.

Wondering what the hell happened to the Counting Crows — I’m still perplexed by how much their NAC concert blew this weekend. I saw them about seven years ago in Toronto (great show!) but after this event, will never pay to see them again.

Encouraging Everest as he makes more and more unassisted steps. This was still his longest stint.

Wishing Grace and Frankie had a second season, stat.

Celebrating the launch of this new website.

Wracking my brain for fast, easy, and toddler-friendly weeknight meals. With me returning to work, I don’t think meal planning has ever been more important for our family.

Hoping to still blog semi-regularly in between working, mothering, wifeying, sleeping and eating.

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has four super-powers: cooking, creating, communicating, and obsessing. She's a traveller, storyteller, and wannabe gangsta who's almost always hungry. New mama to #BabyBabiak (aka Everest).

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