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Published on April 20th, 2015 | by Liz Babiak


Florida: 2002 vs. 2015

Everest and I are in Florida! When my bestie and I started throwing around ideas for a little trip I didn’t think we’d end up here. My family visited the Orlando area quite a bit when I was growing up, so it kind of feels like my childhood backyard. The last time I was in the sunshine state was 2002, when Jay and I joined my parents for a week or so during their longer stay. This vacation is so much different than the last time I was here…

  • To get the obvious out of the way, both my parents are gone. It seems weird to be back without them, and strange memories are coming up. Like the time my Dad broke a plate in our villa; eating a fried chicken sandwich alongside some pelicans in Daytona Beach; the “It’s a Small World” ride at the Magic Kingdom; and cherry coke. When we were at Epcot Centre last, you could pay to have your photo taken and then it would be installed on some rocks or a wall or something just outside the gates. My parents are on there somewhere, but I don’t have it in me to look.
  •  I’m not smoking a pack a day. #ThankGoodness. Hubs was never a smoker and I have no idea how he could have made out with an ashtray (but I’m thankful he did).
  • No theme parks, no Disney. We’re here for sun and fun, but I’m pretty sure our husbands would kill us if we brought their babies to Disney without them.
  • We have babies! I think I was still a baby in 2002. Heck, there are days when I feel like a baby in 2015. Or rather, less like a true “baby” and just not like an adult (when did I grow up?).
  • If things go as planned, we have a minivan. Enough said.
  • I can drink. I guess that’s one of the up-sides of being a grown-up. :)
  • I’m more interested in shopping for kids clothes than myself. Ok, equally interested. But still. Bring on the deals!
  • Wireless internet and smartphones exist. Which means we have Daddy Skype time and GPS. Damn, the world has come a long way.

But at the same time, some things are still the same.

  • We’re shopping at Publix.
  • American milk tastes weird.
  • I love the feeling of sand between my toes. I just have to make sure #BabyBabiak doesn’t eat it all.
  • Mini golf is still awesome in Florida (Congo River, here we come!)
  • I love the water and am glad Everest enjoys it, too. Also, I love wearing a bathing suit (it’s a perfectly acceptable way to not wear pants in public!).


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has four super-powers: cooking, creating, communicating, and obsessing. She's a traveller, storyteller, and wannabe gangsta who's almost always hungry. New mama to #BabyBabiak (aka Everest).

One Response to Florida: 2002 vs. 2015

  1. Carleigh says:

    Glad you guys had a good time!

    I don’t think I knew you smoked.

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